Shopping For A Home: Why You Need To Be Careful About The State Of The Plumbing System

February 11, 2015

When you are interested in making a major investment such as a house, it’s important to make sure that all your bases are covered before making any serious move to buy the house. One of the most critical of these would be to inspect the home to make sure that it’s in good condition. When doing this, it’s important to have a few pointers to help you figure out what to check for. One of the systems that you should definitely check is the plumbing. Most new homeowners end up having numerous problems with their plumbing soon after buying their homes. Making sure that you check it thoroughly before making the purchase is essential.

Why is this important?


Checking the plumbing before buying a home makes a lot of sense due to the following reasons:

• It could have an influence on other house systems: Problems with the plumbing are not likely to be limited to the plumbing system only. With time, they tend to affect other parts of the house such as the masonry and the electrical circuitry. You need to be aware of such problems before you buy a house.

• It can have an influence on health: Problems with plumbing can sometimes cause a health hazard. For instance, the presence of a chronically clogged toilet could lead to exposure to bacteria which can make susceptible people such as children sick. Having a basement that is mostly flooded could result in the growth of mold which not only makes the home more uncomfortable, but can also lead to a fungal pneumonia.

• Some problems are difficult to fix: The fact that you may find a problem with plumbing is not a reason for you to avoid buying the house. However, if it turns out that the problem is very expensive to fix, it would be a good idea to either reconsider buying it or asking the seller for a discount based on this.

What are some of the things you should look for?

When you finally visit the Eagle Ridge homes for sale, there are some basic things you need to check regarding the plumbing including:

Whether the water pressure is good enough: You should find out if the pressure in the taps and showers is high enough throughout the house. If there is a problem with this, you need to find out what it is, and whether it can be fixed. Water pressure problems can be very annoying particularly in the shower.

The state of the heater: The heater is usually connected to the plumbing to keep the house warm. Inspect it to find out if there are any worrying signs such as leaks on the heater or in the pipes leading to and from it. You should assess the state of the heater to find out if you will need to replace it.

The presence of leaks: Some of the signs of leakage that you can look out for include the presence of mold in some parts of the house, as well as stains on walls and on the floor. If you notice any, try to find out what caused them, and if it can be fixed.

Consult the neighbors: You can consult the neighbors to find out if there are any plumbing-related issues you should be aware of. There are some neighborhoods where water may be scarce. In such cases, you would need to figure out how to go round this before buying the home.

The general state of the plumbing: As you go round the house, take note of the state of the taps and any visible pipes. A well maintained plumbing system will not have any obvious problems. If you notice something as minor as a leak on one of the taps, this could be an indication that you should expect other problems with the plumbing.

The importance of a professional consultation

Doing the above is important, but it’s not enough to give you a comprehensive picture of the state of the plumbing. You might also need to consult a plumber who will find out more about the system. If it turns out that you need to replace part of it, for instance, they can tell you whether this will be a simple project or not, and will even give you a quote for how much it will cost.

Working with professionals ensures that you get more accurate figures. In the end, it will give you a very good idea of whether the house is worth buying or not. To save money, you should consider involving such professionals when you are very interested in buying the home. It should be one of the last steps before starting the process of signing the papers. This way, you won’t have to pay for the contractor to check each and every house you come across.

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