First Viewing Of A Condo You Want To Buy: What Should You Check?

January 16, 2015

If you are interested in living in an urban area, finding condos for sale in Fort McMurray and buying them might just be the way to do it. The fact that Fort McMurray is not very heavily populated but growing economically makes it the perfect place for both people who are just starting their careers and those who are near retirement but still want to live in an urban setting.

One of the major steps in the process of buying a condo is visiting one. This gives you the opportunity to get a feel of the property. When you are planning on visiting one, it’s normally not wise to simply show up, look around and make a decision. Having a list of specific things to look out for will make the visit more beneficial, and will also ensure that the decision you make afterwards is sound. Some of the things you should look out for include:

The overall structure of the condo


This is the most obvious thing to look out for. The structural issues you need to check include whether the walls are sound (e.g. if there are many cracks in the walls and floor, you should be apprehensive) and whether the size of the building is ideal. This is usually the easiest part of the inspection process, since you can rely on gut instinct to figure out if it’s worth it.

The view from the condo

It might not seem important, but the view you have from the different rooms in the condo can influence the quality of life you have in it. You should therefore inspect each of the windows and even find out whether they are large enough to let in a lot of natural light. Remember, you might have to replace the window treatments to make the home more suited to your needs. Checking the windows when you first visit will give you an indication of whether this will be necessary, and you can then factor this in your decision making process.

If you are interested in concepts such as Feng shui, this would also be an opportunity for you to take them into account in deciding whether to buy the condo or not. Actually opening the windows and checking the view will give you an indication of how the energy flows throughout the house. This way, you won’t buy a condo that will need major changes to optimize the feng shui in it.


There are many ways of assessing the security in a condo. Before you visit it, you could do a background check on the neighborhood online. When you visit the condo for an inspection, some of the telltale signs that it might not be secure include the presence of heavy locks on the neighbor’s doors. Additions such as burglar proof doors on some of the doors will also suggest that it’s not very safe. When you check the doors, it will be easy to see signs of forced entry particularly if it has been done many times. This could also suggest that if you decided to buy the condo, you would need to get a stronger door for it, rather than just replacing the locks.

Unwanted flora and fauna

Another reason for inspecting a condo before buying it is to find out whether there are any organisms that might make living in the condo a nightmare. Most sellers will sanitize the home of any pests and insects before putting them on sale, but you can still find some telltale signs of pest infestation. These include the presence of droppings or tiny eggs in the corners of the cabinets, which might suggest cockroach or rodent infestation. A musty smell could also indicate the presence of mould in the home, which would need to be addressed before you move in.

If pest infestation is a potential deal breaker for you, you could consult a pest control expert to check the house on your behalf. They are more professional and are thus more likely to do a thorough job.

Whether the home is suitable for pets

If you have a pet, you can also use the inspection as an opportunity to find out whether it would be at home in the condo or not. In fact, you could even visit the condo with the pet. Some of the specific issues you could check include making sure that the home is large enough to accommodate the pet, as well as the absence of anything that might threaten the health and safety of the specific pet. For instance, if there is a balcony in the condo, the rails should not be such that the pet can go through them and fall.

In summary, it’s always advisable to inspect a condo before making a commitment to buy it. The only way to benefit from this process is by having a definite list of things to look for, rather than just stepping into a condominium and admiring its beautiful interiors.

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